Costs and Services Provided

For Residential Service



Bi-monthly Service: $75.00

The Bi-monthly Service (every other month) is the most popular type service for residential housing. Spraying or baiting, granular treatment of outdoor areas, sweeping of cobwebs, and periodic interior treatment as needed are provided with Bi-monthly Service.


Monthly Service: $58.00

Monthly Service works well for controlling stubborn pests.  The same services that are provided with Bi-monthly Service can be provided on a monthly basis.  Monthly Service is recommended for better spider and troublesome pest control, especially for larger lots, or in the outlying areas of town.


Start-up Service: $125.00

Extra attention is paid to problem areas. Spider Webs, ants making nests in the walls, especially for homes that have not recently received pest control service.


One-time Service: $175.00

One-time, or the One-shot service is available and may help in the short term. However, I do not recommend One-time service for successful, continued control of pests.  One-time Service has no guarantee.


Rats and Mice:  $225.00 and up

Mice & Rats are separate from insects and can take a great deal of time to trap.



I guarantee, on all Year-Round Services, that if agreed-upon pests return between scheduled services, I will return to treat the problem area, free of charge.


Pests in the Bakersfield area:

The most common pests that I guarantee on a yearly pest control service include Argentine & Red Fire Ants, Harvester ants, German, American & Oriental Roaches, Silverfish, & Black Widow Spiders.

I can also help control Daddy long leg Spiders, Tick & Flea infestations, Wasp & Bees, Spring Tails, pantry pests, Earwigs, Crickets, Brown Recluse spider, Wolf & Orb spiders and Scorpions.

The most unusual pests I have run across in Bakersfield are the Tarantula Hawk and the Venegarone.