At the bottom of the page is a series of photos taken at different stages. These photo's are of a person who has been bit by a Brown Recluse Spider, commonly referred to as the Fiddler Spider. While not common in Bakersfield, there have been reports of people being bit. Here is some information to help you in the event you feel you have come in contact with the aforementioned spider or any spider which you think may make you ill.
Home Treatment
Apply a cold pack and administer an antibiotic such as erythromycin. Then seek immediate medical attention.

Before calling emergency
Before calling emergency, determine the following:

The patient should be taken to the Emergency Room for treatment. They will treat the symptoms, either with medications or with surgical excision of the bite. The symptoms at the time of the bite may not appear to be very severe and may take a while to progress to a more severe state. However, treatment is important to minimize the damage done from the bite. If possible, bring the spider to the emergency room for identification.

Call 911, Poison Control, or a local emergency number
When you call, you will be instructed on what to do immediately following the bite, and then the patient should be taken to the Emergency Room. See Poison Control Centers for telephone numbers and addresses.

There have been fatalities linked to brown recluse spider bites and they are more common in children. With proper medical attention, survival past 48 hours usually indicates that recovery will follow. The ulceration (rash) may take up to six weeks to heal, with proper care.

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Brown Recluse Spider